Imagine melding of Digg,, , and AAA.

Step 1: develop an on-line community centered around a perfect product

Step 2: provide the community with content to keep them coming back – I envision the perfect content, with the perfect target audience/audiences. Heck with the recession, it is even a perfect time to launch!

Step 3: exponentially expand the community through contests, content, viral marketing, SEO, etc. Imagine a perfect marriage of Digg and

Step 4: Leverage the on-line community to create a consumer entity to obtain the best product pricing. Again, imagine an, Costco, or AAA.

Step 5: expand the selection of products to members. Motley Fool offers their members their own credit card, why can’t we? American Express offers their members concert and event tickets, etc.

Each step would feed off the others. I would love the opportunity to discuss this with the top Internet marketers, SEO experts, affiliate masters and monetizers.

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Time was when, a new employee was given a desk, a pencil, and a pad of paper . . . .