Time was, when a new employee was given a desk, a pencil, and a pad of paper . . . .

Now, each new employee needs to be equipped with a $1000 of computer gear.

The Vision: Netflix mated with Dell

Summary: Each new employee needs to be equipped with $1000+ of computer gear. Large corporations may have the funds and the IT staff to meet this demand, but even their staff can get over extended dealing with maintenance and fighting viruses and spyware. Let’s take this formula and turn it on its head.

Step 1: offer business the option of renting the PC’s from us. Instead of a $1000 expenditure per employee, they can pay a more accommodating monthly rental fee.

Step 2: purchase PC & software for $1000 (breakdown below)

PC – $500

19″ LCD monitor – $200

MS-Office 2007, Small Biz – $300

Step 3: configure OS re-installation and imaging software to automate rebuilding machine in case of virus or software corruption. OS and data (including drivers, images and configuration info) are on separate partitions

Step 4: rent out PC at approximately $80/month. Install remote control software. If anything happens to PC, initiate rebuild from data partition to OS partition. Rebuild should take less than 1 hour to complete. Hardware breakage can easily be replaced using PC warranty.

Step 5: repeat

Margins: a PC with software costs $1000. Add $200 labor for hiring local PC tech to go out and deploy/re-image PC. Total $1200

You make $80/month = $960/year on each PC. 36 month rental contract, years 2 & 3 are almost pure profit.

Challenge: now if we can only develop software that is bootable, can be placed on a flashdrive, connect the PC to the Internet, grant us remote control capabilities, and allow us re-install the OS or copy an image to the OS drive. Then we can ship the PC to any company, anywhere. We still can now, but we would have to hire local techs on location to deploy the PC and do OS re-install/re-image.

Next – Big Ship Idea # 3 – BetheBank.com – think of the possibilities . . .