I just recently started following Shoemoney’s blog. I had read about his generous invitation to attend the 2008 SEO ThinkTank and immediately went to work creating this site.

As a new traveler to the world of SEO and Internet monetization, I am wandering about this landscape lost, and disoriented. I doubt if I can contribute anything new or valuable to the masters at this event on their own craft. So I will try a different tact.

From reading Shoemoney, SelfMadeMinds, and CPAShare I get the impression that these extremely successful business people are constantly on the search for new and profitable ventures that they can unleash their legendary skills on. They have the knowledge. They have the platform. They know how to get themselves out in front thousands of people. They just need the perfect business.

Perhaps I can offer such a vehicle. Of course, everyone has their own million dollar idea. Very rarely are they worth as much. But the whole theme of my site is to think big . . . to dream big. To build and sail big ships! So I offer you my Big Ship Ideas! Ideas that I envision will change the Internet landscape! (note: play dramatic music and trumpet fanfares here)

Let me know what you think. Do you see any merit in them? Or are they simply products of my over inflated ego ? 🙂

Here is the first of my Big Ship Ideas.

Big Ship Idea # 1 Imagine a melding of Digg, Amazon.com, Costco.com , and AAA . . .