Be the Bank – a three word, easy to remember, high value, dot-com domain name.

I think this one is going to be a goldmine!

Unfortunately, since I’m not a hedge fund, investment bank, or financial institution, I’m not sure how to go about monetizing it.

One easy to implement strategy is to simply put “This Domain is Available for Lease” on it. It’s currently parked and I can see people showing interest in it, coming to the site, checking it out. I’ve even rec’d a couple of emails asking if I want to sell it.

For more details on this, I will refer back to Scott @ SelfMadeMinds who wrote several very informative posts on this topic.

I’m reluctant to initiate this strategy, however, because I have my own ideas for

Big Ship Ideas.

Which leads us to . . .

Big Ship Idea # 3

The Vision: Imagine a merging of with

Summary: is an on-line “clearinghouse” that connects borrowers with lenders willing to loan them money at a profit.

A major weakness with Prosper’s model is that the loans are unsecured. And most of the borrowers there are already maxed out on their credit.

The banks have been doing this for hundreds of years. They have the formula down pat. They’ve plugged in and tuned their profit vs. risk ratio. Prosper pitches the idea that the average Joe can sign up as a lender, peruse a few stats on the web (which the borrower mostly provides) and be able to beat the banks at there own game? On people that the banks wouldn’t even touch?

Still, the concept of Peer to Peer or Community Lending is a fascinating one. It’s a concept that is perfect for the Internet era. But what to do to make it work???

Step 1: set up as a peer to peer lending clearinghouse focused on protecting investors and diversifying risks.

Step 2: locate assets that can be purchased and monetized, granting immediate and steady returns for investors.

Let’s use Big Ship Idea # 2 as an example – offering business the option of renting computers instead of purchasing:

Purchase ten PC’s for $14000 (including taxes, shipping, accessories, spare parts, four hours of tech support/each, etc) on credit. When rented out, each PC contract will generate $80/month revenue for a total of $9600/year. For three years.

Step 3: list the deal on and sign up investors

  • Minimum sign up amount is $500, granting you 1/28 share of the revenue.
  • Each $500 investment will return approximately $119/year
  • $28,000 ($9600 yearly revenue * 3 years) – $18,000 (costs of PCs and yearly tech fees) = $10,000 or $3333 profit/year.
  • 1/28 share of $3333/year = $119 return/year on $500 investment or 23% profit/year.

(Note: I found my math error!)

This is my dream project and I would love any feedback anyone has on this. Let me know what you think?

Next – Big Ship Idea # 4 – Name an asset you can buy that will appreciate or hold its value and that you can monetize in the meantime? No, its not real-estate . . .