Name an asset you can buy, that will appreciate or hold its value, and that you can monetize in the meantime. I tried using this criteria in my search of business ideas . . . and could only come up with this example.

Luxury Art Rental

Hong Leung Big Sur print

Hong Leung Big Sur print

During the real-estate boom, I read several articles on how the art scene was experiencing a parallel boom. Works by famous authors were selling for record breaking prices at Christie’s and Sothebys’ auctions. Dozen’s of new art galleries opened up in Manhatten.

Aha! Here is an item that will hold or increase in value! At least, it shouldn’t drop in value . . .right?

Provided that you know what you’re doing!

I must confess, out of all my Big Ship Ideas, on this one–I’m totally clueless on!

I mean,

BSI (Big Ship Idea) # 1 – is an on-line social/retail network that would use viral marketing and SEO/website monetization techniques to grow. It is fairly easy to build and there’s tons of information on SEO, viral marketing, affiliate monetization, etc. out there.

BSI # 2 – Computer rentals, takes a small amount of technical knowlege. But we would build an operational template, simplifying and automating it as much as possible, start out small, execute the plan and repeat.

BSI # 3 –, gets more complicated and will take significant resources to build the site engine and grow the user base. But, the business plan has already been done. We’re just trying to develop another variation of it targeted at the small business investments niche.

BSI # 4 – Luxury Art Rental? Clueless! But here is what I have found out.

1. If you try to Google Art Rental, you won’t find many places providing this service. Most are small or regional museums that have a rental program for their members. So, either there is no market for this service . . . or else its a huge, un-exploited niche.

2. Using the rental rates of the few places I found, I’ve determined that you can make a profit by purchasing and renting out the work. Who would your clients be? Mid to large size companies, fortune 1000 corporations, municipal city halls, universities, upscale hotels, luxury car dealers (heck! My local Lexus dealer has an on-site art gallery!).

3. You would need to have an art collector or gallery manager on staff–someone knowledgeable about the art world. You would only buy from known artists, whose works have a sale history. These works tend to hold their value or go up in price.

Breitling Luxury Watch

Breitling Luxury Watch

4. Another product that could be rented is luxury watches, such as Rolex or Breitling. A $5000 Rolex may rent for as much as $500/week ($2000/month!). Companies such as Bling Yourself or Bag Borrow or Steal rent out watches, handbags, jewelry and other luxury items. This market appears to be growing.

5. Plus, this idea would mesh very well with BSI # 3 🙂

But, since I’m so far out of my environment on this, I will have to shelf this for a future date.

And get busy building BSI # 1, 2, 3. Cause, barring a SEO/AffiliateExpert/Web Monetization superhero jumping in and helping me out, they won’t get built just by talking about them!