Well, today is the day that a winner will be chosen for Shoemoney’s 2008 SEO Think Tank.

Good luck Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed reading some of my posts. As we wrap up, I’d like to conclude with Tu Bu Lar Bells. What are Tu Bu Lar Bells? All the Brits out there know!

I recently finished reading Richard Branson’s Losing My Virginity. In it, he writes that one reason for Virgin Record’s early success is from signing up musician Michael Oldsfield and his hit Tubular Bells.

Apparently, Tubular Bells was a smashing hit in England and Europe, but, I don’t remember ever hearing about it on this side of the Pond. It piqued my curiosity.

It turns out, that just about every movie goer would recognize it . . . as the theme music to The Exorcist. Although its haunting melody and other worldly, ethereal chimes fits the Exorcist theme very well, it does the composition an injustice. It presents are a very one dimensional view of the music. Here is what Tubular Bells sounds like, in all its Glory!