The name is Johnson, Zac Johnson.

SEO 2008 Think Tank Winner Zac Johnson

SEO 2008 Think Tank Winner Zac Johnson

Zac is, of course, the big winner of Shoemoney’s 2008 SEO ThinkTank! Congratulations, Zac!

I’m envious! Not only do you get to hang out with Jeremy, DK, Pamcakes and all the other elites, but you also get to jet around the country to all these SEO/Blog events, too– this time on somebody else’s dime! I mean, first to Orlando for Izeafest, then to Las Vegas for BlogWorld and now, to San Diego. If I had known that bloggers jetted around like secret agents, I would have tried this much sooner!

And, of course, don’t forget the open bar and beach time. It kinda reminds me of the adventures of the Pudding Guy.

Back during the glory years for airlines, civil engineer David Phillips figured out that a running Healthy Choice airlines promotion would net airline miles that were worth far more than he had to pay for the products to earn them. He than found another promotion that gave him a million airline miles for flying 10 Latin American airlines. The funniest part of the article, and the part that Zac Johnson reminded me of was when Mrs. Phillips discovered that her husband was “lounging like James Bond on a Bonaire beach during a layover while she was home doing laundry”. Read about the adventures of the Pudding Guy.

Have fun at the ThinkTank, Zac! I’ll have to start reading your blog (, as it looks like there’s a ton of info there.