Well, now that I am officially, not going to win the 2008 SEO ThinkTank contest, the starting pistol has gone off in my quest to launch my on-line career. I had been playing with BSI #1 for a while now, examined it, shelved it, taken it out, shelved it again, dusted it off, etc.

In preparing for the ThinkTank contest, I had to solidify what I envisioned for the site. I started playing with the formatting in Ning until I got it looking the way I wanted to. Very nice tool, Ning.

Today, I contacted a couple of Ning developers, including Amphiltech. They did Dragfools.com, and that site is kick ass!

I like working under the gun. It keeps me focused. Let’s see if I can get a beta version up by the time ThinkTank rolls around!