Thank You Jeremy for holding the 2008 SEO contest! Although it was geared towards more experienced SEO affiliates, on-line marketing experts, high lever programmer, etc. , that didn’t prevent a bunch of us newbies from entering.

Now, I can understand some of the sentiment expressed, that anyone who won should be well known enough to be invited and successful enough to afford it. But, among the list of contestants, was a programmer who worked for Microsoft and and knew guys from Google, Yahoo and MSN. There was also a screenwriter, who could have brought some new knowledge or niche to the SEO guys. Neither of these contestants were well known in the SEO circle, so in this case, the contest did what it was suppose to.

As a beginner, I learned a bunch of new things and picked up a ton of resources from all the links at the contest site. Plus, there’s about a dozen new blogs to follow!

Most importantly, the contest pushed me into taking action. I saw other beginners reaching for the stars and thought, “why can’t I?” The prize was big enough (and the payback was immediate enough) to get me to jump in and do something about it, now! I’ve been reading the forums for about a year, now, but this was the first time I’ve actually set up and posted a blog. Now, the stuff I’ve read starts to make sense. Before, it was like reading about fixing a car engine, without actually working on the engine.