Here is the logo for BSI #1. I had it created one year ago. This idea had been percolating in my head, and I’ve shelved it, taken it out and examined it, shelved it again, dusted off and am finally running with it.

I used an on-line logo service before and was pretty happy with the results . . . until I saw other logos that were similar to mine. I knew that most of the samples they submitted were slight modifications of stock images. I guess the one I picked was too.

This time, I went to the contest forum in Digital Point and submitted a logo contest. I was impressed at the quality of some of the submissions there. Plus the price was right — some contests started at $20.

The logo ended up costing about $40. The on-line company I used previously charged me $299. You get what you pay for? Well, here are the sample images from both places. You decide.

Logos from On-line Logo Company

Digital Point Contest Logos

Samples of Digital Point Contest Logos