We’re sick.  Well, Logan, my four year old son is, anyhow, so we’re sitting home all weekend so that he can get better.  At least I can blog in between playing flashcards and Super Mario Brothers 🙂

And, I can post my Jamie Lee Curtiss pics.

You see, last weekend, we took Logan over to a local bookstore to see Jamie Lee Curtis.

Before she was an actress, she was a children’s book author and has released several more books, since.

She was in this weekend to do a book signing.

It was really nice, sitting in the plaza and eating lunch waiting for her to arrive.  At first, it didn’t seem like there would be much people there.  But, by the time she arrived, a line of about 150 people had snaked around and across the plaza.

I wasn’t really a Jamie Lee Curtiss fan.  But I am now.  She was super nice to everyone.  And she even took time out to read one of her books to all the kids!

Now, my wife wants to go to all her other book signings and get the rest of her collection.  We should wear furry hats, so that she will remember us next time!