Oh Oh.  Its tougher to find deals than I thought.  About a year ago, I rec’d a Gillette Fusion razor in the mail out of the blue!  It was one of the nicest things that I’ve received for free.  I also remember receiving a free swiffer broom kit.  That was pretty nice.  Now, if we can only create a website to list these great offers.

I mean, if you type in “free” or “free offer” into Google, you get tons of sites that list tons of offers on free quotes, free gift with purchase, free ebook, free icons–basically, just worthless junk–unless you actually are looking for icons.  So, the idea of FreeBestDeals was born.

But, perhaps the wave of recession has swept away all these freebies?  I am having trouble even finding free with rebate deals, that used to be common place.  I hope I can entice the users to find enough of these deals to keep the site alive.