DK from Purposeinc stopped by my blog today! Helpful as always, he gave me some tips, and pointed out a huge mistake that I had missed.

I had overlooked turning off “Users must be registered and logged in to comment”.

Now, I know 2008 SEO Thinktank starts on Friday and DK must be running around like crazy trying to get everything ready. Yet, he still went out of his way to log in so that he could point out a couple of important points to me. Most visitors wouldn’t have gone through the hassle. Thanks again, DK!

I thought I had checked the comment feature on my first post, but of course, the browser still remembered me and never prompted me to log in again. This feature is hard to find because its on the main General Settings page of WordPress, while all the other commenting options are in their own tab. Its easy for a new blogger to miss this.