October 2008

Hey! We have an alternative to bombing a foreign country in order to learn our world geography! We can watch Animaniacs instead!


I’ve set up an account at Feedburner and typed in http://www.freebestdeals.com as the URL. FeedBurner detected the Best Free Birthday deals on my left column . . . and nothing else. I tried a couple of test updates in the deals and even edited the left column. No dice.

I am review the FeedBurner troubleshooting and help topics now. Once advice suggest plugging in the URL at Feed Validator. Feed Validator said that the URL was good.

Oh, oh. I just read on the Ning Forum Help that RSS was not possible on the Ning pages at the time but is on the short list for new features to be implemented.

While searching for RSS feed help tipics, I’ve found that you can set up an RSS feed of your site’s “latest member activity” to give you updates of activity on your site. The link for this is http://YourNetworkNameHere.ning.com/activity/log/list?fmt=rss

I had originally mis-read Problogger’s contest rules, too and thought he meant 140 words.  I actually wrote a 140 word summary before I caught myself.  I kept wondering why everyone else’s entry seemed so short compared to mine.  And then it finally dawned on me!

I guess Twitter has set the 140 character standard.  Still, I didn’t have to work too hard at it because Ning’s network description only allows 140 characters, too.  Right now, I have the following entered in it:

“Enter Free into Google and you get millions of sites . . . 99% which isn’t free! Join FreeBestDeals.com! Everything Here is Absolutely Free!”

Well, I wanted mine to stand out a little to try to attract Darren’s attention.  It seemed to be an attainable goal, as there were only about 400 blog entries at the time.  Still, I didn’t know what could possibly interest Darren.  So I figured that I would go with something different and zany.

“Are you one of the FEW people on EARTH lucky enough to have a BIRTHDAY? Visit us for FREE Birthday food and gifts! Everything Here is Free!”

Still, with over 1400 entries, I guess it really had to be far out to stand out. Maybe something along the lines of:

“The Housing market crashed! The Stock Market crashed! The economy crashed! Your job has crashed! Save your wallet! Visit . . .”

Then again, I’m not really sure what would have attracted attention.  Darren’s pick was varied.  My favorite was.

“Mom-101. I don’t know what I’m doing either – Mom 101

It reminds me of Ernest Hemingway’s example of how to tell a story in less than ten words.

Today’s featured deal at FreeBestDeal.com is a free Picaboo Baby’s Book.

On Saturday, ProBlogger held an impromptu blog contest. The contest allowed you to pitch your blog in 140 characters in Darren’s comments. Luckily, I had decided to run through and hit my daily blog list, otherwise, I would have missed it.

When I first saw it, there were already 300+ blogs being pitched. By the time I submitted my entry, the number had jumped to 400+. I watched the number keep jumping up: 800; 900, 1000, 1200. Finally, a grand total of 1423 blogs being pitched at the end of the contest! I was wondering at the momentum in the number of entries that kept coming in.

Later, in his post contest review, Darren explained how he had utilized Twitter to spread the word and that on-line community took up the call and retweeted it, creating a viral event. Wow! Here is a great example of how powerful a tool Twitter can be.

I was reviewing past posts at SelfMadeMinds.com and came upon the LinkBaiting Article from DailyBlogTips.com

They were talking about providing a tool that other websites can display on their pages. It got me to thinking.

What if I could create a FreeBestDeals.com gadget that would display either the latest deal, or a highlighted deal?

Network Creators could paste the code up on their website, the way you can do it now with Youtube code. Then the target sight would get updated whenever a new deal was offered or featured.

Today’s free deal is Free Directory assistance!
If you’re tired of paying a fee each time you dial 411, here’s your alternative. Dial 800-FREE-411or (800-373-3411), then follow the prompts to get your desired number by phone or text message. Works for both residential and business listings throughout the U.S.

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