On September 1st, 2008, at 5.55am, Roz Savage, became the first woman to row solo from California to Hawaii. In doing so, she has embarked on an epic journey to row across the Pacific Ocean. It took her 99 days to row the first part of her three part journey in her specially designed rowboat, the Brocade. Join her in her challenge as she blogs about her trials on the vast ocean.

I had mentioned Roz in a previous post. I found it ironic, that if I mentioned “woman rowing across the Pacific” to family or friends, that I would get a reaction. It might be admiration at her determination. Or it might be, “she’s crazy!”

But, if I mentioned that I blog to the same people, I just get a puzzled look. It just seems strange that people can better relate to a woman rowing across the Pacific, than they can to me blogging!

Roz Savage is antithesis to what we do. She exists in the real world. As she slowly rows her way across the ocean, her journey can be tracked. It can be measured.

We bloggers on the other hand exist in the digital world. Turn off the electricity, and all of our accomplishments vanish.

Yet, by blogging throughout her voyage, Roz bridges the gap between the two worlds. And despite being at opposite ends of the spectrum, most of her advice and the lessons learned throughout her journey fit very snugly in a blogger’s journey.

I remember reading about her thoughts as she set off rowing from San Francisco. It went something like, “a million strokes to Hawaii. Well, there’s one stroke down, and another one, and another . . .” Utimately, she completed her million strokes, one stroke at a time.