F104 Starfighter Reborn

While reviewing Roz Savage’s blog, I read her tribute to Steve Fosset. Fosset went missing on September 3, 2007, while flying to scout possible locations to try to break the speed record of a land bound vehicle, which currently stands at 763 MPH.

My tenuous link to Steve Fosset is that I met the North American Eagle group at an Aerospace convention in Anaheim in 2006. They are also contenders in trying to break the landspeed record. While chatting with them, they mentioned that they had tried to interest Fosset in a high tech, high speed race between their two vehicles!

The project’s founders Ed Shadle & Keith Zanghi’s state ” for over 20 years now the British have held the record. We feel its time to bring the record back to North America”.

The history of the North American Eagle is just as fascinating. It used to be a F104 Starfighter jet aircraft, tail number 56-0763. In its original life, it was a chase plane for the X-15 rocket plane, and for the maiden flight of the SR-71 Blackbird. It was already a part of aviation history. Now, reborn and re-engineered, it strives to make history once more as the world’s fastest landspeed vehicle. Find out more about the North American Eagle at Landspeed.com