I have several different strategies in mind for promoting FreeBestDeals.com. Among them are:

1. Holding another designer contest on DP. Maybe, for a landing page for FreeBestDeals. I probably should find another forum like Warriors forum. DP is too international.

2. Holding another promotion contest on DP and other forums – $2 for every free Birthday deal. $3 for every free after rebate deal.

3. Holding a recruit a friend contest. Submit a deal or recruit a friend to be entered into a $50 drawing.

4. Promoting themed free deals: Best free stuff to get on your Birthday; Best free food deals!: Best free stuff for your car!

5. Contacting the clubs at nearby Colleges and asking them for help testing and promoting. I heard that there is actually a Business Club.

6. Advertising with Adwords.

7. Advertising in MySpace.

The last 2 or 3 will probably bring in a lot of visitors, so I’d better be sure that FreeBestDeals.com is bulletproof before then.