I finally got around to cleaning up my desk today. That’s overlapped into cleaning up my file folders, so this weeks posts will probably be all over the place!

Despite being in Southern California for over 15 years, I’ve seen a disappointingly small number of celebrities. I saw Scott Bakula at an Arsenio Hall taping once. I’ve seen Jamie Lee Curtis at a book signing. But I’ve very rarely seen any other celebrities outside of scheduled venues.

I guess that I don’t hang out in the right spots. One day, I met up with an old highschool buddy who was now in the movie industry. We had lunch up in Sherman Oaks and I asked him to pick place popular with the movie industry. He had the perfect place! We met up at . . . Jerry’s Famouse Deli. Wait a minute, we have one of those down here! Its not unique to Hollywood! Oh, well. I like the food there anyhow so I didn’t complain. (Note – farther reading on Wikepedia shows that Jerry’s Famous Deli is quite popular with celebrities, including Jerry Seinfield, Leonardi DiCaprio, Halle Berry, Peter Falk, etc.)

As far as my random Star sightings go:

My stepfather was in a charity golf tournament in Hollywood once. There, I met David Doyle, who played Bosley in the 70’s run of Charlie’s Angels. I also met Richard Karns there, who was at the time, Al in Home Improvement. I didn’t know any better, and rudely broke etiquette by asking him for his autograph. He glared daggers and me, but he signed it. Way to go Richard!

One day, while we were touring the Bellagio in Vegas, a section was being closed off for a movie shoot. We hung around to see who was filming, and finally, Brad Pitt came out to shoot his scene for Oceans Eleven.

Then, there was the day that I walked past the receptionist’s desk at work as she finished asking the customer his name.

“Sugar Ray” I heard him reply.

Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard

I glanced back to see an older black gentleman standing at the counter. “Oh, like the boxer,” I thought. Yes, I found out later that it was really Sugar Ray Leonard, the boxer.