I’ve set up an account at Feedburner and typed in http://www.freebestdeals.com as the URL. FeedBurner detected the Best Free Birthday deals on my left column . . . and nothing else. I tried a couple of test updates in the deals and even edited the left column. No dice.

I am review the FeedBurner troubleshooting and help topics now. Once advice suggest plugging in the URL at Feed Validator. Feed Validator said that the URL was good.

Oh, oh. I just read on the Ning Forum Help that RSS was not possible on the Ning pages at the time but is on the short list for new features to be implemented.

While searching for RSS feed help tipics, I’ve found that you can set up an RSS feed of your site’s “latest member activity” to give you updates of activity on your site. The link for this is http://YourNetworkNameHere.ning.com/activity/log/list?fmt=rss