Yay! I finally finished the programming that will allow me to manually manage all the deals submitted to FreeBestDeals.com. I can now download the data into Excel and sort and tally the data so  that I can run contests and award prizes for submissions.

Although I would love to have programming tallied automatically, getting it developed would costs another $1000+ dollars.  And I want to limit my spending until FreeBestDeals.com starts generating revenue.  But now, I think that I have all the tools I need to start the next phase of marketing Freebestdeals.com.

I’m hesitant to pull the trigger until I solve this problem, though. So far, everyone that I’ve told about Freebestdeals.com thinks its a great idea.  And I’ve been able to generate about 10-20 visitors a day just by a signature links on a couple of the forums that I visit.  However, I haven’t had one new member.  I need to persuade people to actually join the network and come back on a regular basis.

If I increase the website exposure, I’ll just magnify the problem.  More viewers to FreeBestDeals.com, but very little people actually joining and submitting deals.

So, I need to brainstorm possible “hooks” to attract new members.  I guess that basic blog marketing techniques apply here. Some of them incluce:

1. Target a couple of the best deals and create landing pages.

2. Group deals together by common theme, i.e. Free Birthday Deals, and create landing pages and write pillar articles on those.

3. Start holding contest based on deals.

I’ll have to really focus in on each.