Well, I had a bunch of deals that I was going to highlight for Election Day, however, the developers finished implementing the latest work request this weekend, and now the site is broken.

Over the last two weeks, I had been logging in as Epicview, a non-adminstrator account, and submitting deals on Monday through Friday.  I usually skipped the weekends.  Last Friday, everything at  was still functioning correctly, when I logged in and submitted Friday’s deal.

During the weekend, I am usually logged onto FreeBestDeals.com as an adminstrator, so that I can edit the site content, features and formatting.  On Sunday, I received an email from the programmers informing me that the had finished the latest work request.  I logged in and checked tested out the new features, but while logging in as administrator, the site looks fine.  So, I submitted the payment amount due.

It wasn’t until Monday afternoon, when I logged back into FreeBestDeals.com with the non-adminstrator account to submit Monday’s deal, that I discovered the huge error on the site.  Non-adminstrators and guests can no longer see Current Deals on the Main page.  And Events have disappeared entirely for non-administrators.  So basically, anyone visiting FreeBestDeals.com will see a semi-blank page.

I wrote back to the programmers, but its been over twenty four hours, and I haven’t heard back from them.  So now, I’m stuck with a site that looks like this!