I had planned on concentrating all of my resources on FreeBestDeals.com, building it up, start generating some revenue and then using the revenue to support the site and even establish some new sites. However, a comment by Al Carlton of Self Made Minds has made me rethink my strategy.

He pointed out that he started one of his most successful sites, Coolest-Gadgets.com as one of ten different sites. CG ended up being the one that took off and became successful. Its one of those premises that makes absolute sense, but is so simple and basic that it often gets overlooked. The analogy is that if you throw a plate full of spaghetti at the wall, most of it will slide off, but a few strands will stick.

So, I guess in addition to working on FreeBestDeals.com, I guess I should be starting up a few more sites and see which one gets the most traction. This revelation comes at a very good time. I still have BetheBank.com. And I just found out that I was able to pick up the expired domain name – Epicview.com!