LifeHacker posted a story told by software developer Brad Isaac about Jerry Seinfeld’s Productivity Method. I’ve actually used it on this blog, and its worked quite well. Seinfeld stresses that you set a goal, for example, of writing everyday.  Your objective is not to miss that goal.

To help you acheive this your objective, you get a wall calendar that lists all the days in the year. Then, for everyday that you meet the goal, you cross out the day with a big red X.  As you meet the goal each day, you start forming chains of red X’s that get longer and longer. This helps re-enforce your resolve to meet your goal because failure to do so would break the chain.

I ran across this post shortly after I started my blog, and by employing it, I’ve met my goal of posting to it every week day.  I’ve been able to successfully accomplish my goal for the last two months.

Yes, I know.  I didn’t post anything yesterday – missing a day and breaking the chain.  But, that’s because I’ve decided to redefine my goal. In addition to this blog, I also have, which I will need to start writing articles for, as well as creating landing pages, and call to action pages, and other work to increase the traffic and build membership.  I also was successful in obtaining the domain and need to start developing that.  So my new goal needs to address these other sites, too.