I had rediscovered Winterbells while cleaning up some of my old favorite links.

I was surprised that the site was still running.

What’s more, a Technocrati search revealed that Winterbells is probably quite active, with lots of other blogs linking to it.

So, around this time of year, it becomes quite popular.

I while playing it a bit this weekend, I clicked on some of the bottom icons, thinking that it would allow me to change characters or some other option in the game.

To my surprise, it took me to the merchandising site, Cafepress, while you could purchase WinterBells themed clocks, coffe mugs, mouse pads, etc.

Kudos to the creators in montezing the site.

I wonder if they need a more prominent way to direct you to Cafepress, as I would have never noticed it, if I hadn’t been playing the game a bit and had started looking for additional options.