bestdomainnameBecause good domain names are getting scarcer with each passing moment, whenever I have golden idea, I am tempted to jump online and immediately register it. Yet,  I already have enough names registered to keep me busy and am determine to generate some revenue with my current inventory first, before spending anymore money.

And of course, as my current domains expire, I have to justify renewing them. Its always a battle to justify (re-) registering domains.  And yet, all I have to do is ask one simple question.

“Can I provide great content for this domain?”

That’s the entire key to this.  If I can provide great content for the domain, whether generating it myself or by outsourcing it or by referencing third party sites or user generated content, than the domain is money and worth obtaining. If not, then it will be a waste of money and time: valuable resources that are diverted from potentially more valuable domains.