Entering the second stage of recovery, where the tonsils start scabbing up and the scab comes loose. The Ask.meltafilter.com site was right on the money describing how the scabs are these incredibly thick, bloody mucous plugs. I wasn’t sure what to do. At first, I tried not to cough them up too often, so that the scabs could set and I wouldn’t bleed so much, but they were so mucousy and large, that I felt I was gaggin on them.

So then I tried spitting them up in the sink and rinsing my mouth with water, but there was no end to them. Then, finally, I started feeling light headed and nauseous. I guess that I was swallowing so much blood that it was making me sick.  I couldn’t stand upright anymore, so I sat in front of the toilet instead, spitting up the bloody scabs.  Then, the next thing I know, I curled up on the floor, lying in a pool of blood. There was blood all over the front of my shirt and a pool of it around me. I was like, “whoa! Who did I kill and eat while I was unconsious!”

I was still too weak to move, so I must have layed there for another half hour, gathering up my strength. Then, I cleaned up the area as best as I could so that my wife wouldn’t go into shock seeing the bloody bathroom.  Then, I took a shower — sitting down. I tried to evaluate how badly off I was. This was a little like when I had my ulcer and lost a pint of blood.  It wasn’t nearly as bad, though.  Still, I couldn’t really function without feeling nauseous, so I decided to call 911 and head back to the hospital, where they can bring my blood pressure back up.

Over at the ER, they gave me an IV, ran a bunch of tests, and gave me a clean bill of health.  Apparently, all the blood on the floor, just came from my tonsils — there was no other source of bleeding.