A week down.  I’ve lost 10 pounds.  Weighed in on the scale at 175 this morning. This tonsillectomy recovery has been really bizarre. Part of the difficulty during the recovery process, is that it is not a linear path. The first couple of days after surgery are actually not quite bad.  The pain seems on par to a bad case of tonsillitis and your throat just feels inflamed and bruised.  Then the scabs start coming off and you are coughing up bloody mucous. It doesn’t really hurt, at this time, but you are constantly coughing up these never ending gobs of blood, wondering how you are ever going to be able to get to sleep at night.

Finally, the bleeding subsides, but the razor blade cutting pains come back. A week after the surgery and I am having trouble waiting for my next medicine dose.

Also, during the bleeding, I was playing head games with myself trying to deal with the bloody scabs. At first, the scabs were large and bloody, becoming less so as they healed. So in the beginning, I was coughing them up frequently–less and less often as they healed up and dried up.  Then, I would dislodge another scab and the whole process would begin again. Well, near the end of the healing, I would find myself coughing uncontrollably, as if my body was attempting to dislodge something. I lot of times, this was done fruitlessly, as I didn’t feel any obstructions in my throat.  I would have to sit down and will my body not to cough any more so that I could keep breathing. It became a contest of mind over matter–no, you don’t need to cough, breathe normally.

Fortunately, vigorous coughing doesn’t seem to irrate any part of my throat or cause any pain. The cough appears to hit the back of the throat, whereas the recovering areas are more forward?