February 2009

I finally got around to adding a Contact Us tab to FreeBestDeals.com. using MyContactForms.com.  Now, people can contact me and submit questions or comments without having to sign up for an account.

I gave up trying to get a @freebestdeals.com email address to work and just decided to use freebestdeals@gmail.com.  I was able to successfully configure another domain email on Gmail to read as @mydomain.com, but haven’t been able to get @freebestdeals.com to work.  The problem lies at Ning somewhere.  Apparently, the domain redirect to Ning messes up the email record.  If I perform an NSLookup on freebestdeals.com, it show the MX record (email record) as pointing to Ning.com, instead of to FreeBestDeals.com.

Ning has a built in messaging system, and it used to work at one point, as user FreeBestDeals received a message from another user.  Whenever I try it now, though, I keep getting “user doesn’t exist” error.

Anyhow, here is what the the contact form looks like.



LOL – the OC Register Gagetress has an article about Valentine’s Day text messaging, including a cheat sheet.  Here it is for future reference!


coke_pitcher2Today, I gave up my Coke Pitcher.

Here is a little background.  I am an avid Coke drinker and have been for years. My Coke habit was so prevalent, that once, my roommates gave me cases and cases of Coke (about a month’s supply) for my birthday.  My wife also gave me this cool Coke Pitcher.

Now all that has changed since my tonsillectomy. I haven’t drank any soda for three weeks and don’t plan on starting up again.  Hey, it was a lot of pain losing 15 lbs so I’m trying to keep it off!  And since I drank 5-6 Cokes a day, that was an extra 700 – 840 extra, empty calories.

Since I mostly drank soda at work, I brought my Coke Pitcher to work so that I can fill it with water and lemons and hopefully keep myself off the soda.  Of course, a co-worker saw the pitcher right away and commented on how much she admired it.  So I offered the pitcher to her.

My rational is that I’ve been lugging this pitcher around for years and have barely used it.  This would be a good initial step in trying to de-clutter. I’m surprised at how sad I am to give it up though! Must . . . fight . . . materialism! One less item to lug around. Plus seeing how happy it made my co-worker made it worth it.

Next time though, I’ll really have to think hard before deciding to give away a unique or collectible item.  I haven’t been able to find another pitcher like it on Coke’s website. Then again, this was a good first blow towards de-cluttering. I will have to do considerably more if I ever hope to join David Bruno’s 100 Thing Challenge!

Besides, my wife’s strategy towards de-clutter is to take a picture of things that you would normally collect.  You train yourself to collect pictures, instead of physical items.  Let’s see if this works!

Lol! I’m still groaning about Zappos’ CEO Tony Hsieh’s tweet, “Driving from LA to Vegas, passed world’s largest thermometer. Wondering if it gets bored, but then realized its days are full of ups & downs” 

I love the Darth Vader cleaner pic!  Check out the rest of his pics here.