coke_pitcher2Today, I gave up my Coke Pitcher.

Here is a little background.  I am an avid Coke drinker and have been for years. My Coke habit was so prevalent, that once, my roommates gave me cases and cases of Coke (about a month’s supply) for my birthday.  My wife also gave me this cool Coke Pitcher.

Now all that has changed since my tonsillectomy. I haven’t drank any soda for three weeks and don’t plan on starting up again.  Hey, it was a lot of pain losing 15 lbs so I’m trying to keep it off!  And since I drank 5-6 Cokes a day, that was an extra 700 – 840 extra, empty calories.

Since I mostly drank soda at work, I brought my Coke Pitcher to work so that I can fill it with water and lemons and hopefully keep myself off the soda.  Of course, a co-worker saw the pitcher right away and commented on how much she admired it.  So I offered the pitcher to her.

My rational is that I’ve been lugging this pitcher around for years and have barely used it.  This would be a good initial step in trying to de-clutter. I’m surprised at how sad I am to give it up though! Must . . . fight . . . materialism! One less item to lug around. Plus seeing how happy it made my co-worker made it worth it.

Next time though, I’ll really have to think hard before deciding to give away a unique or collectible item.  I haven’t been able to find another pitcher like it on Coke’s website. Then again, this was a good first blow towards de-cluttering. I will have to do considerably more if I ever hope to join David Bruno’s 100 Thing Challenge!

Besides, my wife’s strategy towards de-clutter is to take a picture of things that you would normally collect.  You train yourself to collect pictures, instead of physical items.  Let’s see if this works!