I finally got around to adding a Contact Us tab to FreeBestDeals.com. using MyContactForms.com.  Now, people can contact me and submit questions or comments without having to sign up for an account.

I gave up trying to get a @freebestdeals.com email address to work and just decided to use freebestdeals@gmail.com.  I was able to successfully configure another domain email on Gmail to read as @mydomain.com, but haven’t been able to get @freebestdeals.com to work.  The problem lies at Ning somewhere.  Apparently, the domain redirect to Ning messes up the email record.  If I perform an NSLookup on freebestdeals.com, it show the MX record (email record) as pointing to Ning.com, instead of to FreeBestDeals.com.

Ning has a built in messaging system, and it used to work at one point, as user FreeBestDeals received a message from another user.  Whenever I try it now, though, I keep getting “user doesn’t exist” error.

Anyhow, here is what the the contact form looks like.