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Friday’s deal at was  They have an interesting business model.  They give alway free jewelry as a tatic to attract lots of traffic to their website.  Note the timer on each selection used to set a sense of urgency or a call to action for visitors.

Now, also charges for shipping — I’m guessing enough to cover the wholesale cost of the piece and perhaps enough to make a small profit, too.  Its kind of like the ebay strategy of selling lots of small items for cheap, but making $1 profit on shipping for each item.  Sell 500 items, make $500.

In this case, also gets the add revunes from their website.


I thought that I read somewhere on how difficult it was to rank #1 on Google search, even for a nonsensical search term.  Actually, I think that I heard it on the radio where the hosts were throwing out different words out there trying to see if they can hit the number one spot.  They kept missing it, even with nonsensical and silly words.

But, if you type in “build big ships” into Google, it comes out as number 1!  I’m not sure whether to congratulate myself on this or not. Certainly, all the people looking for ship building sites and articles are going to be disappointed.

This may prove the value of selecting a good domain name for your blog or website.  Now, if I can only think of a way to tie it to all the other “Build Big Ships” sites.  Hmmm. . . .perhaps I can lease it to them!

I have several different strategies in mind for promoting Among them are:

1. Holding another designer contest on DP. Maybe, for a landing page for FreeBestDeals. I probably should find another forum like Warriors forum. DP is too international.

2. Holding another promotion contest on DP and other forums – $2 for every free Birthday deal. $3 for every free after rebate deal.

3. Holding a recruit a friend contest. Submit a deal or recruit a friend to be entered into a $50 drawing.

4. Promoting themed free deals: Best free stuff to get on your Birthday; Best free food deals!: Best free stuff for your car!

5. Contacting the clubs at nearby Colleges and asking them for help testing and promoting. I heard that there is actually a Business Club.

6. Advertising with Adwords.

7. Advertising in MySpace.

The last 2 or 3 will probably bring in a lot of visitors, so I’d better be sure that is bulletproof before then.

Found another deal for Most of us know how important it is to backup up our work, yet, most have also lost data when our computer or hard drive fails. No more excuses! IDrive is an on-line backup service that provides 2 GB of backup space for free!

One benefit of reviewing an art based business is the exposure to different artists and their work. I ran across several that I really liked.

Among them is local artist Kinda Hibrawi whom I met at a local art display. Her work reflects rich Middle East nuances mixed with Western diversity and feature rich, vibrant colors.

Hibrawi Eternity

Hibrawi Eternity

My wife’s favorite is Sherry Loehr, whose Asian inspired, texture rich works includes Tropical Night.

Tropical Night

Tropical Night

One of my favorite is H. Leung. I love how he uses reds and blues and blacks to make his landscapes come to life and to convey their magnificence.

I posted the $500 Deal Submission Contest for on Digital Point last night. Looks like the Free Gas offer won’t qualify after all as it would open it up to all sorts of “free gift/reward” for service/application/referral type sites.

Come to think of it, it would also open it up to free gift if you attend a timeshare sales presentation and like ilk.

Not the quality deals that we’re looking for.

Thanks Al @ for your post and link.  I’m seeing my traffic counter climb steadily up all day! Time to take advantage and promote my current project 🙂

I’ve been working with the folks at Amphitech in building, modding it from a basic Ning social network frame.  They’ve done an awesome job creating an input form and really polishing up how the website looks and lists deals. The initial implementation was just a total confusing mess.  But Rose and the programmers @ Amphiltech have really polished it up and its starting to shine.

I will post this on Digital Point tonight and see if I can get some DP’s to test it out and give me some feedback. Then, by Friday, hopefully, I can implement the $500 Deals contest and kickstart the site.

I’m really excited to roll this out, as I have found a gem of a deal that I’m dying to post on the site!  Let me know what you guys think. Any feedback is welcomed.

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