Lesson Learned

Great Post from Shoemoney on how to pitch a joint venture.

“So what could you have written that would have gotten my attention?

Something like:”


“Why does this work?

1) You conneted with me (in this case the LOST show I love.

2) You asked me a question which will get me to respond (and lowered my defenses )

3) You asked me just to check out your site. If I like it I will promote it.

4) Its short and sweet.”

Great advice, Jeremy!


Entering the second stage of recovery, where the tonsils start scabbing up and the scab comes loose. The Ask.meltafilter.com site was right on the money describing how the scabs are these incredibly thick, bloody mucous plugs. I wasn’t sure what to do. At first, I tried not to cough them up too often, so that the scabs could set and I wouldn’t bleed so much, but they were so mucousy and large, that I felt I was gaggin on them.

So then I tried spitting them up in the sink and rinsing my mouth with water, but there was no end to them. Then, finally, I started feeling light headed and nauseous. I guess that I was swallowing so much blood that it was making me sick.  I couldn’t stand upright anymore, so I sat in front of the toilet instead, spitting up the bloody scabs.  Then, the next thing I know, I curled up on the floor, lying in a pool of blood. There was blood all over the front of my shirt and a pool of it around me. I was like, “whoa! Who did I kill and eat while I was unconsious!”

I was still too weak to move, so I must have layed there for another half hour, gathering up my strength. Then, I cleaned up the area as best as I could so that my wife wouldn’t go into shock seeing the bloody bathroom.  Then, I took a shower — sitting down. I tried to evaluate how badly off I was. This was a little like when I had my ulcer and lost a pint of blood.  It wasn’t nearly as bad, though.  Still, I couldn’t really function without feeling nauseous, so I decided to call 911 and head back to the hospital, where they can bring my blood pressure back up.

Over at the ER, they gave me an IV, ran a bunch of tests, and gave me a clean bill of health.  Apparently, all the blood on the floor, just came from my tonsils — there was no other source of bleeding.

I came across a Keyword Strategy article at JoshCanHelp.com.  Josh has written up a clear, easy to understand guide on how to determine and select your keywords.

I’m following along to see if I can update my Freebestdeals.com keywords. One key element that Josh highlights is using Google’s tools to identify a keyword that’s not too broad and with less competition.  In other words, identify a niche.

  1. Goto www.google.com/keywords
  2. Type in 6 – 8 search words that you think people will use to try to find your site
  3. Make sure that use synonyms is checked. Generate key words.
  4. Review the results. Check for words with:
    1. Less than half advertisers
    2. Under 10K/month
    3. Example 1 – free stuff keywords

i. Totally free samples, half, 3600

ii. Samples and Freebies, 55%, 1,300

iii. cosmetic free samples, < half, 6600

iv. free sample products, half, 8100

v. get free samples, 60%, 8100

vi. totally free baby stuff, half, 2600

vii. free stuff mail, <half, 6600

    1. Example 2 – low volume (competition) search. Start off with these?

i. free stuff giveaways, < half, 260

ii. free stuff offer, <half, 320

iii. free trial samples, 15%, 720

iv. free samples for babies, 20%, 480

    1. Example 3 – website content

i. Deals infinity, 15%, 1600

ii. Clearance deals, 20%, 2400

iii. Red hot deals, 50%, 1600

bestdomainnameBecause good domain names are getting scarcer with each passing moment, whenever I have golden idea, I am tempted to jump online and immediately register it. Yet,  I already have enough names registered to keep me busy and am determine to generate some revenue with my current inventory first, before spending anymore money.

And of course, as my current domains expire, I have to justify renewing them. Its always a battle to justify (re-) registering domains.  And yet, all I have to do is ask one simple question.

“Can I provide great content for this domain?”

That’s the entire key to this.  If I can provide great content for the domain, whether generating it myself or by outsourcing it or by referencing third party sites or user generated content, than the domain is money and worth obtaining. If not, then it will be a waste of money and time: valuable resources that are diverted from potentially more valuable domains.

I thought that I read somewhere on how difficult it was to rank #1 on Google search, even for a nonsensical search term.  Actually, I think that I heard it on the radio where the hosts were throwing out different words out there trying to see if they can hit the number one spot.  They kept missing it, even with nonsensical and silly words.

But, if you type in “build big ships” into Google, it comes out as number 1!  I’m not sure whether to congratulate myself on this or not. Certainly, all the people looking for ship building sites and articles are going to be disappointed.

This may prove the value of selecting a good domain name for your blog or website.  Now, if I can only think of a way to tie it to all the other “Build Big Ships” sites.  Hmmm. . . .perhaps I can lease it to them!


I had rediscovered Winterbells while cleaning up some of my old favorite links.

I was surprised that the site was still running.

What’s more, a Technocrati search revealed that Winterbells is probably quite active, with lots of other blogs linking to it.

So, around this time of year, it becomes quite popular.

I while playing it a bit this weekend, I clicked on some of the bottom icons, thinking that it would allow me to change characters or some other option in the game.

To my surprise, it took me to the merchandising site, Cafepress, while you could purchase WinterBells themed clocks, coffe mugs, mouse pads, etc.

Kudos to the creators in montezing the site.

I wonder if they need a more prominent way to direct you to Cafepress, as I would have never noticed it, if I hadn’t been playing the game a bit and had started looking for additional options.

One tidbit that I picked up from Jeremy Schoemaker at the 2008 SEO Think Tank was the best days to post on your blog.  Or rather, the best days NOT to post.  Jeremy noted from experience that the busiest posting days are usually Tuesdays and Thursday.  Because of this, he wasn’t too concerned about updating his blog on these days. There is already a torrent of new posts flooding the bandwidth.

This is great information! When I was just blogging here, I was able to update Buildbigships.com daily without too much difficulty.  But now that I have to flesh out Freebestdeals.com and start building Epicview.com, I no longer have the time.  Now, I can strategically skip Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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