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Google New Tab extension

Great article on  One key weakness of Google Chrome is that it doesn’t have Google’s toolbar.  Come on, Google, Jeez! One workaround is to pin your recent pages on the initial screen.  This Chrome New Tab extension looks like its a step further in the right direction.

Chrome’s New Tab extension installs as an extension and can be edited under Tools | Extensions.  You can have it load a page that you specify when opening up a new tab.  Options include your recent history, Facebook, any URL that you select, or even a file on your hard disk.  For me, I want new tabs to default to Google’s search page.

Check it out here.


SEO Keyword Difficulty Tool"

Check out the keyword difficulty tool from  SEO consultants use tools like these to get a ball park on how difficult it is to rank 1st for submitted keywords.  The higher the percentage, the more competitive the field is and the harder it is to rank first.

find your website ranking in Google’s keyword ranking tool is a great on-line tool that shows where your website ranks for a specific search term.  Entering “Best Free Deals” shows that my site ranks 3rd (out of 74.8 million results)!  Not bad!

I just read about BannerSketch, a free banner creation website from on allows you to create a free ad banner by selecting from the most common sizes or defining your own; choose color and gradients;  select frames and text; select fonts.

When finished, Bannersketch will email the finished banner, watermark and branding free!  Sounds like a winner.

Check it out:

BofA free musuem

This summer, there were a slew of free $100 cash bonuses for opening up new bank checking accounts. Various conditions applied, such as a minimum of $250/month direct deposit or ten on-line bill pays.

Some of the ones that I tried out were Bank of America’s $100 bonus which required a $250 deposit and only two on-line payments. It was pretty decent deal but it took over 100 days to receive the cash bonus. Still, I use BofA card to get free admissions to museums – particularly the local science center. So the value of this bonus keeps increasing.

Check out the list of free cash bonuses here.


Type in a domain name, keyword, or market niche in and you will get a list of criteria, such as Cost/Click, Clicks/Day and estimate number of advertisers.

The key value to look for is the Cost/Click. The more an advertiser pays for clicks, the more you were earn as a publisher or affiliate.

Use Spyfu to identify the most profitibale niches to pursue in monetizing your websites.

You can review previous articles below:

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Ok, now that we’ve selected our niche and compile our list of keywords, its time to start generating content. If you’ve reviewed Josh Spaulding’s 5 Dollar Formula ebook then, you can see where the catch is. In order to get your site ranking in Google and to drive traffic to your site you must now write at least 26 well written, informative articles of at least three hundred words on your niche.

Based upon this information some key aspects of my strategy needs to be reviewed.

Although it seems obvious to select the highest paying niche, this might not be the best strategy. For example, although is a good fit lots of the top highest paying niche words, trying to write 26 articles on loan consolidation is going be a challenge.

It would much easier to choose a hobby or topic that you enjoy as your niche so that writing your quality articles won’t be as challenging.

As you are writing your articles, per Josh’s instructions, submit them to the various article directories.

Articles 1 through 6 –  post content on your mini-site, with article 1 on the home page, article 2 on the 2nd page, article 3 on the third, etc.

Articles 7 – 26 – submit to top article directories in the following pattern:

Article #7 goes to, and

Article #8 goes to the SAME three as Article  #1, but it ALSO goes to 20-40 of the top article directories as well.

Article #9 goes to, and

Article #10 goes to the SAME three as #1, but it ALSO goes to 20-40 of the top article directories as well.

Article #11 goes to, and

Article #12 goes to the SAME 3 as #1, but it ALSO goes to 20-40 of the top article.

The reasoning behind this is – mass submitted articles will take a hit in the search engines. By submitting half the articles only in the top three article directories, you get optimized search engine results.  The other half submitted to mass article directories will generate lots of back links to your site.

Find top article directories at

Based upon this strategy, I’m going to have to check out some other niches that I am interested in to  see if I can find one that ranks high enough to pursue, but that I’m knowledgeable enough to write articles on.

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