BofA free musuem

This summer, there were a slew of free $100 cash bonuses for opening up new bank checking accounts. Various conditions applied, such as a minimum of $250/month direct deposit or ten on-line bill pays.

Some of the ones that I tried out were Bank of America’s $100 bonus which required a $250 deposit and only two on-line payments. It was pretty decent deal but it took over 100 days to receive the cash bonus. Still, I use BofA card to get free admissions to museums – particularly the local science center. So the value of this bonus keeps increasing.

Check out the list of free cash bonuses here.


I came across a Keyword Strategy article at  Josh has written up a clear, easy to understand guide on how to determine and select your keywords.

I’m following along to see if I can update my keywords. One key element that Josh highlights is using Google’s tools to identify a keyword that’s not too broad and with less competition.  In other words, identify a niche.

  1. Goto
  2. Type in 6 – 8 search words that you think people will use to try to find your site
  3. Make sure that use synonyms is checked. Generate key words.
  4. Review the results. Check for words with:
    1. Less than half advertisers
    2. Under 10K/month
    3. Example 1 – free stuff keywords

i. Totally free samples, half, 3600

ii. Samples and Freebies, 55%, 1,300

iii. cosmetic free samples, < half, 6600

iv. free sample products, half, 8100

v. get free samples, 60%, 8100

vi. totally free baby stuff, half, 2600

vii. free stuff mail, <half, 6600

    1. Example 2 – low volume (competition) search. Start off with these?

i. free stuff giveaways, < half, 260

ii. free stuff offer, <half, 320

iii. free trial samples, 15%, 720

iv. free samples for babies, 20%, 480

    1. Example 3 – website content

i. Deals infinity, 15%, 1600

ii. Clearance deals, 20%, 2400

iii. Red hot deals, 50%, 1600

Tomorrow’s deal is a gem of a tool from LifeHacker’s Best of 2008 list. We here at fully approve of the name, Free PDF to Word Doc, which precisely describes what this utility does.  The interface is just as straight forward. Point to the source document, specify the destination, then click on the convert button.


On my initial test, I thought that it was a dud.  I had converted a faily simple work holiday memo: just a short paragraph and a list of dates.  The converted Word doc turned out to be one gigantic, un-editable, picture, not much of an improvement from the original PDF.

But then, I tried converting an ebook on blogging and it converted correctly!  The table of contents, pictures and text all converted properly into an editable word doc. Right on!


Today’s featured deal at is a free Picaboo Baby’s Book.

Wow! Ok, now I have two DP’ers posting a ton of deals, but it appears that only five pages (50 deals) of deals will display.  Afterwards, the oldest deals get bumped off.  Now there’s no way to tell if a deal has been previously submitted. Although I hate that we’ve grinded to a halt so soon after the site is starting to move, I suppose that I should be thankful that I haven’t started any major site marketing, yet. 😦