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Google New Tab extension

Great article on Lifehacker.com.  One key weakness of Google Chrome is that it doesn’t have Google’s toolbar.  Come on, Google, Jeez! One workaround is to pin your recent pages on the initial screen.  This Chrome New Tab extension looks like its a step further in the right direction.

Chrome’s New Tab extension installs as an extension and can be edited under Tools | Extensions.  You can have it load a page that you specify when opening up a new tab.  Options include your recent history, Facebook, any URL that you select, or even a file on your hard disk.  For me, I want new tabs to default to Google’s search page.

Check it out here.


SEO Keyword Difficulty Tool"

Check out the keyword difficulty tool from SEOChat.com.  SEO consultants use tools like these to get a ball park on how difficult it is to rank 1st for submitted keywords.  The higher the percentage, the more competitive the field is and the harder it is to rank first.

find your website ranking in Google

SiteMapDoc.com’s keyword ranking tool is a great on-line tool that shows where your website ranks for a specific search term.  Entering “Best Free Deals” shows that my freebestdeals.com site ranks 3rd (out of 74.8 million results)!  Not bad!

I just read about BannerSketch, a free banner creation website from on MakeUseOf.com.

Bannersketch.com allows you to create a free ad banner by selecting from the most common sizes or defining your own; choose color and gradients;  select frames and text; select fonts.

When finished, Bannersketch will email the finished banner, watermark and branding free!  Sounds like a winner.

Check it out: Bannersketch.com


Type in a domain name, keyword, or market niche in www.spyfu.com and you will get a list of criteria, such as Cost/Click, Clicks/Day and estimate number of advertisers.

The key value to look for is the Cost/Click. The more an advertiser pays for clicks, the more you were earn as a publisher or affiliate.

Use Spyfu to identify the most profitibale niches to pursue in monetizing your websites.

I just discovered Dropbox.  This awesome utility makes it easy to access files between multiple computers.  Prior to using Dropbox, accessing or synchronize my bookmarks, images, notes and Office files  between my home and work computer was becoming more and more of a chore.  I would either email the files to myself or copy them to a flashdrive so that I could take them to/from work.  Dropbox simplifies this process.

Just install the app, sign up for an account and you have a new Dropbox folder in your “My Documents” folder.  Save or copy files there and the files are accessible from anywhere with a web connection.  No more attaching files!  No more plugging in flashdrives.  Try it out – you’re love it!

Get Dropbox here.


Tomorrow’s deal is a gem of a tool from LifeHacker’s Best of 2008 list. We here at FreeBestDeals.com fully approve of the name, Free PDF to Word Doc, which precisely describes what this utility does.  The interface is just as straight forward. Point to the source document, specify the destination, then click on the convert button.


On my initial test, I thought that it was a dud.  I had converted a faily simple work holiday memo: just a short paragraph and a list of dates.  The converted Word doc turned out to be one gigantic, un-editable, picture, not much of an improvement from the original PDF.

But then, I tried converting an ebook on blogging and it converted correctly!  The table of contents, pictures and text all converted properly into an editable word doc. Right on!


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