BofA free musuem

This summer, there were a slew of free $100 cash bonuses for opening up new bank checking accounts. Various conditions applied, such as a minimum of $250/month direct deposit or ten on-line bill pays.

Some of the ones that I tried out were Bank of America’s $100 bonus which required a $250 deposit and only two on-line payments. It was pretty decent deal but it took over 100 days to receive the cash bonus. Still, I use BofA card to get free admissions to museums – particularly the local science center. So the value of this bonus keeps increasing.

Check out the list of free cash bonuses here.


Great Post from Shoemoney on how to pitch a joint venture.

“So what could you have written that would have gotten my attention?

Something like:”


“Why does this work?

1) You conneted with me (in this case the LOST show I love.

2) You asked me a question which will get me to respond (and lowered my defenses )

3) You asked me just to check out your site. If I like it I will promote it.

4) Its short and sweet.”

Great advice, Jeremy!

Today’s free deal is Free Directory assistance!
If you’re tired of paying a fee each time you dial 411, here’s your alternative. Dial 800-FREE-411or (800-373-3411), then follow the prompts to get your desired number by phone or text message. Works for both residential and business listings throughout the U.S.

I have several different strategies in mind for promoting Among them are:

1. Holding another designer contest on DP. Maybe, for a landing page for FreeBestDeals. I probably should find another forum like Warriors forum. DP is too international.

2. Holding another promotion contest on DP and other forums – $2 for every free Birthday deal. $3 for every free after rebate deal.

3. Holding a recruit a friend contest. Submit a deal or recruit a friend to be entered into a $50 drawing.

4. Promoting themed free deals: Best free stuff to get on your Birthday; Best free food deals!: Best free stuff for your car!

5. Contacting the clubs at nearby Colleges and asking them for help testing and promoting. I heard that there is actually a Business Club.

6. Advertising with Adwords.

7. Advertising in MySpace.

The last 2 or 3 will probably bring in a lot of visitors, so I’d better be sure that is bulletproof before then.

Yelp Talk

Yelp Talk

It looks like now has real-time, forum-like Talk.  Or, maybe they always had it and I just haven’t noticed it before. Its pretty cool, cause I had been looking for a local forum (that talked about  other topics besides sports) for a while now.

Of course, the first topic that I see in Talk is . . .

Yelp Talk Boob Job

Yelp Talk Boob Job

189 comments? It figures.  But there was also a Birthday topic.  And I was able to promote with a list of four free things that you can get on your Birthday.  I wasn’t sure how it would be received, but in the end, I received a “compliment” (star, approval, reputation, thank you, etc) for it.

Found another deal for Most of us know how important it is to backup up our work, yet, most have also lost data when our computer or hard drive fails. No more excuses! IDrive is an on-line backup service that provides 2 GB of backup space for free!

I found a website that will allow you to earn free gas in exchange for displaying ads on your vehicle that the site sponsors. Its not what I had in mind for, but I believe a-lot of people may find it useful, so, its going on my list 🙂

Active duty military members, pizza delivery drivers and drivers of Scions, Honda Elements, PT Cruisers, Mini Coopers, VW Beetles, H2 Hummers, Hybrid vehicles, and yellow vehicles earn extra free gas bonuses!