Seas of Knowledge

Great Post from Shoemoney on how to pitch a joint venture.

“So what could you have written that would have gotten my attention?

Something like:”


“Why does this work?

1) You conneted with me (in this case the LOST show I love.

2) You asked me a question which will get me to respond (and lowered my defenses )

3) You asked me just to check out your site. If I like it I will promote it.

4) Its short and sweet.”

Great advice, Jeremy!


I found a great Microsoft Outlook tips site on Google at

Some useful shortcut keys, such as Cntrl+Shift+I to get back to your inbox from anywhere in Outlook.


I was surprised at how many newbies like me entered ShoeMoney’s SEO 2008 Think Tank contest. Of course, we didn’t stand a snowball’s chance, so we weren’t too disappointed when we didn’t win.

I guess we realized the potential of the event and benefits of meeting such successful web marketers/seo experts would be priceless. So we had to take the shot. One woman from Washington even wrote to DK, the host, saying that she would be happy to pay the full price if she could attend.

His response, “I told her, if I was in her shoes, I would go and sign up at two sites, both very, very, very inexpensive. One of them is Aaron’s SEOBook site which has an amazingly simple step by step system for teaching the basics of internet SEO and marketing. Fundamentals always win by the way. I also told her to sign up for Jeremy Hermanns SEOIntelligence to watch and evaluate her sites.”

The truth is, all of us newbies would probably be lost at this event. But here, DK is showing us how to fish in the seas of Internet monetization. I hope that they see the nugget shining in the water here. See the full post here.