Backlinks Checker – check backlinks to your site

Google Analytics

Use to view website statistics such as number of visitors, pages viewed, visit duration, top entry/exit pages, etc.

Basics of Google Analytics by Josh Can Help

Hosting Tools

Use the following websites to find out where a website is hosted.

Landing Page Services – an automate creating landing pages.  An optimized landing page is key to the success of your site and should accomplish the following:

1.  Allow you to split test.

By offering alternating pages, you can see which one gives you the best result.

2. Build an email list

Enroll users into your mailing list.

Keyword Tools

Google Keyword Tool – research Keyword statistics such as Search Volume and Competition – shows how much advertisers pay for specific niches. The higher the cost, the higher your earnings for that niche. – keyword analyzer. Shows keyword counts and number of keywords with H1-H6 tags, etc.

Plagiarism Tools

Plagiarims Checker – does what it sounds like.

Search Engines

SERP Ranking

SiteMapDoc.comshows where your website ranks for a specific search term in Google

Submission Tools

Google URL Submission – submit your website to Google. Google may or may not utilize the submission, but it can’t hurt.

Yahoo URL Submission – similarly, submit your website to Yahoo.

Website Evaluator

Website Value Calculator

Gives estimates to daily page views, ad revenue and approximate website value. Some of my favorite  value calculators below:


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