On Saturday, ProBlogger held an impromptu blog contest. The contest allowed you to pitch your blog in 140 characters in Darren’s comments. Luckily, I had decided to run through and hit my daily blog list, otherwise, I would have missed it.

When I first saw it, there were already 300+ blogs being pitched. By the time I submitted my entry, the number had jumped to 400+. I watched the number keep jumping up: 800; 900, 1000, 1200. Finally, a grand total of 1423 blogs being pitched at the end of the contest! I was wondering at the momentum in the number of entries that kept coming in.

Later, in his post contest review, Darren explained how he had utilized Twitter to spread the word and that on-line community took up the call and retweeted it, creating a viral event. Wow! Here is a great example of how powerful a tool Twitter can be.