I had originally mis-read Problogger’s contest rules, too and thought he meant 140 words.  I actually wrote a 140 word summary before I caught myself.  I kept wondering why everyone else’s entry seemed so short compared to mine.  And then it finally dawned on me!

I guess Twitter has set the 140 character standard.  Still, I didn’t have to work too hard at it because Ning’s network description only allows 140 characters, too.  Right now, I have the following entered in it:

“Enter Free into Google and you get millions of sites . . . 99% which isn’t free! Join FreeBestDeals.com! Everything Here is Absolutely Free!”

Well, I wanted mine to stand out a little to try to attract Darren’s attention.  It seemed to be an attainable goal, as there were only about 400 blog entries at the time.  Still, I didn’t know what could possibly interest Darren.  So I figured that I would go with something different and zany.

“Are you one of the FEW people on EARTH lucky enough to have a BIRTHDAY? Visit us for FREE Birthday food and gifts! Everything Here is Free!”

Still, with over 1400 entries, I guess it really had to be far out to stand out. Maybe something along the lines of:

“The Housing market crashed! The Stock Market crashed! The economy crashed! Your job has crashed! Save your wallet! Visit . . .”

Then again, I’m not really sure what would have attracted attention.  Darren’s pick was varied.  My favorite was.

“Mom-101. I don’t know what I’m doing either – Mom 101

It reminds me of Ernest Hemingway’s example of how to tell a story in less than ten words.